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Web Development

Shandilya Technologies have extremely trained developers operating across .NET systems and PHP systems such as Joomla, Wordpress and Magento platforms but we always look at the consumer needs first and select the most appropriate technology for them. We never force inapporiate technology upon a customer's project.

We have a magnificent in-house development team, but we don't just concentrate on technology. Preferably we concentrate on your business and what you need to make your business a achievement online.

We are enthusiastic about web technology and regularly keep an eye out for new technology that create us more effective. We favor open source technology such as PHP and MySQL on A linux systemunix. We substantially use jQuery and AJAX. With certain tasks with great fill we have also efficiently improved throughput with the Reasoning processing, Node.js and HTML5. We are new organization so we are satisfied to personalize any item that you suggest. All our customers have very different specifications and we try to be as versatile as possible to provide the most appropriate solution.

With web development an unique task is lack of control over the tools visitors use to view a website. There are customers with older internet explorer and people on more recent cellular phones without support for innovative Javascript or Flash plug-ins. Even internet connection rates of speed can be a significant problem on material rich websites. The primary aim with progressive improvement is to assurance that all the customers have access to material regardless of what device they use.

Our web development services includes customized business applications, e-commerce applications, content management syastem, CRM Solutions and customized incorporation and portal development etc. We provide customized web application development service with cross platform/browser compatibility. High quality is the highest concern for us and therefore all our web programs are developed and developed to adhere to the W3C standards.

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